RetailZoom – NCC collaboration for AI and HPC knowledge transfer and technology uptake

As part of its NCC responsibilities, it seeks to help companies in technology transfer and business development activities. The NCC aims to achieve this through collaborative industrial projects where NCC personnel can work together with company employees, train them in new technologies, which they can then implement in their company’s work process for its development and to make them more efficient and competitive.

An example of such a collaboration is the NCC’s project with RetailZoom Ltd.

RetailZoom is a data analytics company operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, aiming at providing analytical insights and custom software solutions to medium and large businesses and organizations, with services revolving around statistical analysis and data automation.

The objective of the project is to create recommendation algorithms using machine learning / AI methodologies and HPC. These types of algorithms are used to gain complex insights into the customer and product based on past consumer interactions and make suggestions to consumers in a personalised way.

With these algorithms, RetailZoom can help retailers provide a more personalised experience to their customers and at the same time the retailers can improve their sales.