EuroCC Cyprus presence at The Cyprus Institute sCYence Fair 2023

On 5th April 2023, the Cyprus NCC along with colleagues from CaSToRC participated at The Cyprus Institute sCYence Fair 2023. The key objective of the sCYence Fair which mainly targets school students, is to inspire and support the next generation of scientists in the island. Students had the opportunity to create and demonstrate their own scientific projects to the public, attend lectures and conferences and participate in hands-on activities.

Notably, researchers, scientists and educators presented their scientific and technological achievements to the students and general public in an interactive way, highlighting the recreational and fun aspects of science. Several EuroCC-2 staff participated in the sCYence Fair, where they presented the activities of EuroCC-2 and the NCC to the general public, and communicated to the audience the potential of advanced technologies such as High Performance Computing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.

Further details for the annual sCYence Fair can be found here.