Services for Industry

The industry program of the NCC initiated within EuroCC 1 continues, is expanded and is the most intensive activity of our NCC.

Support and Consultation

With its industry support and consulting team, coupled with its dedicated industry scouts, the NCC engages with SMEs to create support/consultation projects, helping industry employ HPC and related technologies to their workprocess and enable them towards greater efficiencies and innovations.

This support is carried out using computational resources upon the national HPC system hosted by The Cyprus Institute.

Proof of Concept

Development of proof of concepts for industrial applications demonstrates the advantages of using advanced computational technologies and engaging in projects with the NCC.

Grant Opportunities

The NCC also consults SMEs on aspects such as funding opportunities and access to computational/data resources, advising them on calls they can apply for and supporting them in the preparation and submission of their applications.

Technology and Knowledge Transfer

Technology and knowledge transfer is an important element the NCC can offer enterprises.

One of the key goal of the NCC is to increase the competences of industry and SMEs in Cyprus in advanced computing technologies – including HPC, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 

We achieve these with the following services.


Industrial internships are an instrument for knowledge transfer, whereby staff from industry are engaged at the NCC, interact with the NCC support staff, develop new skills and competences, and transfer this new knowledge to their company – effectively training their colleagues on their newly acquired skills.

Such internships are designed and agreed upon between the NCC and the company in which potential interns work.

Clearly defined goals will be identified before the start of the internship so by the end of their time with the NCC, interns will have picked up the correct skills and knowledge, through the mentoring, practise and training they will receive. 

Interns are also provided with computational access on the national HPC system hosted by The Cyprus Institute, for them to be able to implement their internship, projects and learning.

Training Events · Hackathons · Hands on Sessions

Within the industry context, training events, hackathons, and hands-on sessions serve as essential avenues for professional development, innovation, and collaboration. Companies and organizations host or sponsor these events to help employees enhance their knowledge and skills in specific areas, stay up-to-date with emerging trends, and develop valuable networks. Hackathons drive cross-functional collaboration, leading to new products, services, or processes, while hands-on sessions provide experiential learning opportunities that build technical expertise, critical thinking abilities, and adaptability.

Dedicated industry focused training events, are organised by the NCC.

These aim to increase the competences of SMEs and industry in Cyprus in the key specific technologies which are most relative to them – as these generally differ from those of academia.

Hackathons and hands on sessions are also be held, where with the help of NCC support and development staff, industry processes are supported and consulted on to improve the efficiency of a company’s work process and innovative services.  

All of the above activities include training user accounts on the national HPC system hosted by The Cyprus Insitute. This allows participants to get accustomed to using a top of the range system, and later on apply for access upon which to run their projects.

Collaboration and Co-Development

The NCC also pursues collaboration and co-development support activities with SMEs on commonly defined projects where other actors from Cyprus academia, Cyprus public sector, other NCCs and other European initiatives could also be involved.

In such projects, the NCC is able to provide the computational expertise, other academics the scientific knowhow in specific topics, the SMEs the marketable solution and (if relevant) a public organisation the public service which the project seeks to optimise.

By working together, we will be able to use our strengths to provide better services and innovations to Cyprus.