Participation of EuroCC-2 at the Reflect Festival

Members of our EuroCC-2 Cyprus team participated in the Reflect Festival, held in Limassol, 20-21 of September 2023. Reflect Festival is one of the largest tech & entrepreneurship events in Cyprus, attracting startups, investors and decision-makers from all over the island.

NCC Cyprus had a very strong presence at the event, with a booth at the main exhibition hall, talks and workshops. In particular:

  • Constantine Dovrolis, EuroCC-2 Principal Investigator for NCC Cyprus, participated in the Panel Discussion “Setting Ethical Standards for the Next Era of AI Development”. The discussion focused on the ethical principles of AI, on methodology for monitoring and guiding AI development, ensuring that progress aligns with human values.
  • Panayiota Katsamba, EuroCC-2 industry scout, led the workshop “Navigating the New Digital Frontiers: Paradigm shifts in product and material design”. The workshop focused on the latest technological trends such as High-Performance Computing, large-AI and Quantum Computing and their impact on computer-aided material and product design.