Hyperion – NCC collaboration for AI and HPC knowledge transfer and technology uptake

As part of its NCC responsibilities, it seeks to help companies in technology transfer and business development activities. The NCC aims to achieve this through collaborative industrial projects where NCC personnel can work together with company employees, train them in new technologies, which they can then implement in their company’s work process for its development and to make them more efficient and competitive.

An example of such a collaboration, is CaSToRC’s project with Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd.

Hyperion Systems Engineering Ltd, with its headquarters and main operations in Cyprus, has been serving customers globally for more than 25 years.

Hyperion provides engineering advisory and consulting services, and implements advanced industrial MES and Technology solutions in the Hydrocarbons, Chemicals and Power generation industries.

The objective of this knowledge transfer mentoring project was for Hyperion Consultants and Computational Scientists at the NCC to collaborate to help Hyperion build a prototype that incorporates innovative HPC and Machine Learning (ML) components that can be integrated in Hyperion’s IT solutions.

The goal of the project wass to develop soft-sensors using ML-based algorithms developed by computational scientists at the NCC. These ML-based algorithms will use vast amounts of plant production data to develop models to predict critical quality parameters of material based on real-time conditions.

The specific project objective was to establish a link between the operating conditions and the Laboratory Test results, which will allow the prediction of critical quality measurements in real-time.

The solution in effect replaces the need for specialised physical instrumentation which are not routinely installed in all plants due to their high cost. For Hyperion clients, this will bring substantial operational efficiency.