NCC Cyprus at EuroHPC User Day

On December 11, 2023, the inaugural EuroHPC User Day convened in Brussels, Belgium, marking a significant gathering for users immersed in EuroHPC systems. With a robust attendance of over 140 engaged guests and 50 speakers, the event showcased a rich tapestry of research insights across an array of disciplines, spanning computer science, computational physics, AI, engineering, and more. Representing the vibrant EuroHPC community, the day served as a platform for collaborative exchanges, emphasizing the diverse and impactful contributions made by users.

Among the attendees from the NCC Cyprus were Christodoulos Stylianou and Giorgos Kosta, who actively participated in the event. Their presence underscored the collaborative spirit and shared enthusiasm for the EuroHPC initiative. Gratitude was extended to both users and Hosting Entities whose collective efforts were pivotal in ensuring the success of this inaugural User Day. The event not only highlighted the depth of research findings but also resonated as a testament to the unified and vibrant community orbiting the EuroHPC JU.

Further details for the first EuroHPC User Day can be found here.