NCC Cyprus at HPC Industry Summit

NCC Cyprus participated in the HPC Industry Summit held in Berlin on October 17th and 18th, featuring prominent representatives from industry and politics, along with experts in High-Performance Computing (HPC). Dr. Pantelis Georgiades and Mr. Christodoulos Stylianou represented NCC Cyprus at the event, where Dr. Bastian Koller, the Project Coordinator and Managing Director of the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart, inaugurated the summit. The summit marked the successful conclusion of the FF4EuroHPC project and showcased highlights from EuroCC 2.

During the summit, key discussions revolved around the transformative impact of supercomputing on European innovation and competitiveness, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Daniel Opalka, Head of Sector Research & Innovation at EuroHPC JU, highlighted the significance of European research and development projects like EuroCC and FF4EuroHPC, emphasizing their role in delivering crucial skills to businesses. The FF4EuroHPC project, the third installment in the Fortissimo project series, was particularly praised for its pioneering approach in facilitating SMEs’ access to HPC-related technologies through cascading funding mechanisms. The collaborative efforts of innovative SMEs, HPC providers, research institutions, and domain experts led to 42 unique success stories, contributing to the continuous evolution of the European industry. Despite the project’s conclusion, the legacy of FF4EuroHPC will endure as stakeholders continue to promote its success stories, inspiring the European HPC community to persist in the pursuit of digitalization and Industry 4.0, ultimately enhancing the EU economy.

Further details about the HPC Industry Summit can be found here.